Bidirectional Cell Binding?

Is it possible to set a cell binding to be bi-directional?

I am trying to use templates to organize multiple blocks of numeric displays with title labels but it’s starting to look like that’s not valid.

If there isn’t a way to have cell bindings be bi-directional, can that feature be added? It seems odd for it to not be available already.

are you wanting to write to the UDTs?

Not for this instance.
Purely for the sake of organization, I have a template to give a dataset and title to. I’ll have like 12 of them, so it’s cleaner to use a template and dataset than manually grouping all the values individually.

I think im missing something. bidirectional binding is generally used for read/write

I think that’s all it’s used for, not just generally.

It just doesn’t seem to be readily available on cell bindings. I am curious if I am missing something or if the feature simply doesn’t exist.