Bind Alarm notes?

We use the alarm notes n the alarm grid a ton, the problem is that we have to manually enter them in since you cannot bind them.

Does anyone have any work arounds for this?


I am interested in this capability as well. Did you find any solution for this?

Hi Mark,

If you are using UDTs, UDT data type parameters can be used inside alarm notes. So you can use data type parameters to help automate the creation of alarm notes.

Another possibility is writing a Python script and using the system.tag.editTag function to automate the creation of the alarm notes.

To do this, check out the format of alarmConfig in Example #2 of addTag here: … addtag.htm

I did a little test and this is an example that works:

system.tag.editTag(tagPath="Test 1/another", alarmConfig={"Alarm":[["notes","Value","my notes here"]]})


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Sorry to bring this back from the dead, but do you have any guidance on using the alarmConfig strategy with UDT_INST tags? I was able to get it working with UDT datatype parameters, but I don’t like that structure quite as well as having my tag generation update the Notes field directly…

I tried a few strategies, but couldn’t get the alarmConfig to path down toward one of the UDT attributes properly.