Bind Alarm State to a Boolean Tag


Is there a way to bind the alarm state to a boolean tag? My PLC program handles the alarm states for PVs. For example, when there is a high alarm, my PLC program sets psi.alarm.high to 1. I want to use psi.alarm.high as the trigger for the high alarm in the tag editor.


It can be done.

What you do is in the tag editor of high alarm, go to alarm configuration and set mode to Equal. In the Setpoint put your PLC psi.alarm.high tag.

Whenever PLC’s psi.alarm.high goes 1, your configured alarm would go 1 too.

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I had tried what you suggested before, but that option compares the value of the PV to the setpoint, which is bound to psi.alarm.high. It triggers the alarm only when PV is equal to 1.

I found the solution. When you first open the options, some of them are hidden. I scrolled down and found the option to trigger an alarm based on a condition and now it’s working the way I want it to. Thank you.