Bind historical tag entry to object property

Hi guys. I’m looking for some ideas on how to do the following: I want to be able to change the fill paint of a simple drawed object based on a historical stored integer value. I’m thinking maybe to pick a interval of the historical values for this tag and iterate through the dataset and use the current value for the fill paint property. Any help appreciated :smiley:


Just so I’m clear, are you looking to do something similar to the Status Chart? Or am I missing something? (entirely possible! :slight_smile: )

Not quite as the status chart. Consider another example: Let’s say i have a multistate indicator that changes over time based on a realtime tag. The tag is also being logged to the historical sql database. Now lets say i want to look how this indicator has been acting the last 5 minutes. (based on the historical data) kinda like a replay function. I guess this probably needs to be done with some more advanced scripting? or maybe there is a fancy way to step through a historical table and bind the current value to the multistate indicator…