Bind two opc tags togehter


I would like to do read an OPC tag “tag_1” from a device “device1” and bind it to an other OPC tag “tag2” from a device “device2” using ModBus TCP protocol.
The objectif is to collect informations from different devices and write it to a single.

For the moment i’m using a script like this :

values = system.tag.readAll(readTag)
listValues = []
for val in values:
    listValues .append(val.getValue())

values2 = system.tag.writeAll(writeTag,listValues) 

The problem with this solution is that i have many tags to read/write.
I would like to know if there is an other way to do this.


What about Derived tags?

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I did not manage to write a derivative tag from an opc tag to on an other opc tag