Binding a Radio Button to an Expression Tag

Noob here … can someone please show me how to code the expression for connecting to {Root Container.Radio Button ABC.selected}My long-term goal is to implement the GUI calendar features (like Mondays, Weekdays, ignore Holidays, etc.) into an active Calendar that does stuff and not just look pretty. I want to use a radio button so that I can differentiate it in different containers and have other features turn off automatically. Could do via scripting… Ten ways to flog the marmot, I suppose.

I would need to connect it to specific Windows in my project, too, and that part escapes me. I’m not sure how"Windows/Pump Operations"would be bound to my radio button. Other than it not working, my only debugging clue is the tag reporting “Evaluation Error”.


I ended up making a Trump-load of memory tags that were bound to each radio button, then using an expression tag to sort the logic combinations required. Bulky and non-sexy but functional. Just like me.