Binding a tag to the value of a dropdown input in perspective

I found something very close yet so different in the search.

I have 7 values for my dropdown showing the labels that I want
I want to change a tag with that.
I thought I could use a script like
system.writeblocking([{New Tag}],[value])

however, I am not actually sure where I could put that on the input to make it apply the value to the tag

I am also not sure if I can use the curly brackets for a tag path like that because in the past for the system.writeblocking(), I had used relative addressing ["[.]newtag"]

I pointed the image and a label at the property value of the input dropdown

for testing purposes, this works great

Monday though, I have find out how to have a tag look at this property to get it’s value

I think I set it as a reference value and can point at the prop value somehow.
Or else I will have to write a script that writes the prop value to the tag.

I thought I saw this in a video though, so I might be able to find out from the videos on Monday.

use bidirectional binding to tag

From the user manual, the dropdown list component has these properties (to name a few):

As @jespinmartin1 said, you can bidirectionally bind a tag to the selectedValue property so that it’s value is bound to the tag, and any selections made are also bidirectionally written to both the dropdown list property and the tag it’s bound to.
If you want the tag to have the string label’s value, then bind the tab to the selected string value instead.

Also, I suggest you take a look at bindings section in the inductive university

This is how you manage this in Perspective:
Note that the binding is on Dropdown.props.value, and the binding is bi-directional.

Whoops, i grabbed the wrong screenshot for Vision instead of perspective. Same principal though