Binding a Template property inside of another Template property

I’m currently working of developing simple templates in order to quickly show recipe parameters from different PLCs on the same windows. Those recipe parameter are not repetitive, so using a UDT is not an option.
What I want to do is to display the Value, the name and the tooltip from the tag, simply by dragging the tag and linking it to the drop target of my template in one move.

Since my tags are not UDTs but simple Integer, Float or string, all I want to do is to be able to bind to the tag properties.

I found a way to make it work by creating a Template parameter for each of the desired tag property I’m interrested in, but in the end when I drop a template in my window, I need to map manually each of the desired template parameter to the tag property.

I also tried to make indirect tag addressing by using the Drop Target parameter in order to reach the desired tag property but it doesn’t works.



Can someone suggest me a way to accomplish what I though would be easy? It’s basically what happen when we drop a new checkbox component. As soon as the tag is linked to the checkbox, the tag name and the tag State are visible…


Without doing some deep scripting with unsupported functions to get the binding tag path it isn’t possible.
The easiest way to accomplish what you are looking to do it to do a second property on the template of type String and then use that to paste the tag path into when you drop the template on a window.

Then your indirect binding as setup above will work.

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This is exactly what I always do; UDT type parameters have limitations I have no interest in, such as not being able to use them in a template repeater, not being able to see at a glance what it’s bound to, etc.

But… if you ARE using a UDT.
Just create an expression tag named MetaTagPath in the UDT and point it at ‘{PathToParentFolder}’