Binding between windows

I like the binding systemn and use it a lot. Is it possible to bind the the properties on another open window? It would be nice to use value from my header window and use that in the other windows. The way I do it at the moment and creating some dynamic properyties on each window and then passing parameters to the window if opened… this method is a kind of one-shot though, and doesn’t stay up to date… suggestions?

It sounds like you might be able to use SQLTags. For static data, you can use DB or Client tags (client tags will likely be the best in this case, they only reside in the client and thus are really just meant to hold information shared by different windows, components, etc).

If doing this, your components could all be bound to the same tags, and when the value of the tag changed (either on its own with OPC or Expression tags, or by writing to a client tag through a component or scripting), all of the components bound to it would be updated.

Hope this helps,