Binding Button Clicked Value to the Numeric Text Field

Hi Everybody,

I have started learning Ignition. I am new to Ignition Scripting. I would like to know if anyone can help with binding ButtonClicked event to the Numeric Text Field to display how many time button is clicked.

This would be the easiest thing to do.

@Duffanator I appreciate your quick response. I tried that script but I am running into Error. I have attached the screenshot below.


Hmmm… are you using perspective or vision?

I am using Vision in Ignition V8.

I don’t know, I just tried it in Ignition 8 and it works fine. Can you post a screen shot of your code?

I am using that Green Button actionPerformed.

Try using event.source.parent.getComponent().

It does work now. I appreciate your help. @Duffanator @pturmel