Binding button text to text field in different window

Hi, I’m fairly new to ignition and need some help. I’m working on a project that currently has multiple buttons on one window. Each button should take the user to a confirmation window that pertains to that button. There are currently 16 buttons, so I would need 16 confirmation windows; however, I’m wondering if there is a way to take the text shown on each button & bind it to a text field on a single confirmation window. The text shown in the text field should correspond to the text shown on whichever button was pressed.

For example, I press the button that says “Dummy Cause 1” & it takes me to a single confirmation window where there is a text field that should display “Dummy Cause 1”. If I go back & press a different button, say “Dummy cause 6”, it again takes me to that single confirmation window and the text field displays “Dummy Cause 6”. Pictures below for reference.

Vision or perspective?

It looks like Vision to me so I’ll assume that for now.
The easiest way would be to have one popup with a custom property on the root container. You can pass values into this custom property when you open the popup. The text of the window would be bound to this custom property.

If this is Perspective, the same basically applies but using parameters

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Worked like a charm, thank you!