Binding complicated UDT to Faceplate


I’m trying to connect Ignition to our siemens library. I already connected udt tag to screen and all was happy until I started with more variables. Devices interface PLC-SCADA is pretty complicated and I tried to collect it in separated folders (example below):

In that example if all variables are without any folders everything is working well:

After I separate it to folders (I modified source path so I still can read/write tag values) it looks like this:

Subcode: Error_ScriptEval
Property: root/Icon.color
Description: AttributeError: ‘com.inductiveautomation.perspective.gateway.script’ object has no attribute ‘Status’"

How to bind tags in folders? Maybe there is better solution to do that? This is how valve/flap UDT will look like:
Status - 28 bits,
Alarms - 10 bits,
Interlocks - 32 bits.
Params - 10 ints, 5 bytes, 10 booleans.

Thank you

Can’t help you with udttype params, but I always pass in the device tag path into my templates and popups and then use indirect addressing to bind to tags.

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How you use then drag and drop?

By not using it :slight_smile:


That drag drop functionality is great for me as I don’t want to be involved in any small change and there is plenty of them in our plants. I don’t think putting tags into separate folders is making drag/drop impossible - I think I don’t know how to do this and there is no answer anywhere.