Binding Function Table Dynamic Start date?

For the end date using client system time (works ok).

For the start date I would like 7 days prior to end date.
And/ or even a way for user to select start date via vision client.
Could anyone point me in a direction to go to achieve this?

If you want to allow the user to select the date, you might want to replicate something similar as i'm showing here

I've added a table and two popup calendars, one for the start date, one for the end date, and used their .date property to bind the Start Date and End Date of the function binding so this way the user can select both dates.
If you want the user to select only the end date and have the Start date be constantly 7 days before the end date, you can use only the endDate popup calendar and add a custom property to your table called "customStartDate", set it's type to Date, add an expression binding to it with the following expression:


Then in this case your binding screen will look something like this:

I hope this helps.