Binding "Mouseover Text" to the tag name used for the Value Field on a Label

In Vision for Labels I would like to bind the Mouseover Text to the Tag name that is bound to the Value Field so if I change the Tag used on a Value Field the Mouseover Text automatically changes to match the new Tag. How would this be done?

You cannot. Bindings are independent.
What you could do is make a custom property (string type) and enter the root tag’s path there. Then use indirect tag bindings in the value and mouseover text properties.

If you want to encapsulate that logic to be repeatable, make a template.

That will work.

It doesn’t look like Bindings are totally independent. For Labels if I I bind various properties to a Tag and then drag a new Tag onto a Label then all the properties are now bound to the new tag, i.e. if I bind Mouseover Text to Tag1.Tooltip and State is bound to Tag1 (value) and I then drag Tag2 onto the label Mouseover Text is now bound to Tag2.Tooltip and State is now bound to Tag2 (value). I just need to add the information to the Tooltip for the tag. This is an easier approach that creating a custom property. Anything wrong with this approach?

That’s something the label component is doing for you during tag drop. The end result is two independent bindings; they happen to get created at the same time, but they’re still independent. If that workflow works for you, it’s definitely the easiest thing to do.

From my perspective the independent bindings are a problem, and not a feature. The label component providing a way to link the bindings is a solution that reduces the amount of labor needed to create and maintain pages so yes that is the workflow that works best for us.