Binding seems to cause a flash of an error on XY chart when the page is loaded, v8.19

On this XY Chart is a binding to adjust the chart Y range based on the data present.
The data comes from a query binding with a parameter.

The error is fast, isolated it to the binding.
What is an alternative?

Try using and expression structure binding to deliver the data and the data range at the same time--input to the binding would be chart's raw data.

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How do I get a query into an expression structure?
-Bind the query somewhere, then select it as a property?

How do get the max of a column in the data using only expression language?

How do I get the data and the range from one expression structure binding to two spots in component?

In the video for the expression structure, I see that they use a script transform to get one of the expression structure values out on the binding that it is applied to.

return value["iconPath"] 

Shows me how to get a specific value to the bound property.
I don't know how to perform the other.
Duplicate bindings, different transforms?

Well I didn't figure out how to do the expression structure.

I replaced the property binding on my range max property with a duplicate query binding.
Then applied my transform script to the query binding instead of the expressing bound property.
The error is gone, but the DB is queried twice for one table.