Binding source to destination not working

I have two Custom properties in a popup window ds1 and int1: ds1 is of type Dataset and its value is passed to the popup window from outside when it is open; int1 gets its value from a field in ds1 through a lookup binding expression. Finally a Dropdown list Selected value property is bidirectionally bound to int1. When I open the popup my hope is to have the Dropdown show the value in the database. On the contrary it seems the binding is not working at all (which is not the case, because if I then change the dropdown selected item, int1 gets the new selected value as expected).

Any suggestion?

Ignition version: 7.9.9 (b2018081621)

I realized that the described behaviour was due to a script I execute when the Root container componnetRunning property turns true. It’s all working as expected, sorry about that!