Binding tags to a table component

I have a series of booleans and numeric values that I think would be best put on my FactoryPMI project as a table. Right now, I have them as separate input components laid out on a grid.

So I’ve been experimenting with the Table component. Is there any built-in way to bind tag values to individual cells? I realize there’s a downloadable EditableTable component, but that sounds like it’s intended for use with database tables, not individual SQLTags.

If not, I’m thinking I may have to create a dynamic Dataset property and build a big expression to get the source data, then a cellEdited action for when the user changes one of the values. I may have around 80 numeric values, so I’m a bit worried about performance. I’m also not looking forward to writing that expression, so I’m hoping there’s some other way to do it I’m just not seeing.

In FactoryPMI, you have to build the a dataset in scripting in order to display tag values in the table. Basically, on a script somewhere on the window you can do the following:header = ["Col 1", "Col 2"] data = [] data.append([system.tag.getTagValue("TagPath1"), "Another Value"]) data.append(....) # for every row event.source.parent.getComponent("Table").data = fpmi.dataset.toDataSet(header, data)Take a look at this thread that talks about this (in Ignition):


Hope this helps.