Binding the Styles property

I have a screen containing many Shape components that need their styles uniformly customized. I don’t have access to a database on this particular project so my thought was to bind the Styles property of each shape to a “master” shape so that I could modify the style of all shapes by changing only the master shapes style. Just as a test, I set up a button to copy a new style to the “master” shape to see if that new style would propagate to all the bound shapes but it didn’t work. I have to exit preview mode and go through the Bind Property dialog for each shape before the new style will take effect. Almost like the style property on each shape needs to be refreshed. Obviously this defeats the purpose of binding the properties because I still have to go through each shape to refresh the styles. One interesting note, if I copy and paste one of the “slave” shapes, the new style takes effect immediately on the pasted shape.

Anyone else had this experience with binding? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the Styles property is a dataset?

You don’t want to use a master shape because of that reason. All you need to do is create a dataset client tag (in the client folder) that will contain the style. You can bind all of the component’s style dataset property to the client tag. So when you change the client tag it will update all of the styles.

Beautiful. Thank you!