Binding Titled Border Text

Hello Again Everyone,

Is it possible to link the text of a titled border to a dynamic property? If so, how would I go about doing it? It looks like I can bind another border to it, but how do I go about constructing another border with the dynamic property information?

Thanks in advance.


Well, there isn’t a great way to do this, but the expression language does have an undocumented toBorder function. It is undocumented because its use is quite odd.

The best bet for now until this expression is improved would be to explain to me the style of the border you want, and I can lead you in the right direction. Here is an example:

toBorder("etchedtitled;My Title;5;4;2;black;font(Dialog,12,1)")

Where you could replace the “My Title” part with a dynamic string concatenation query like

toBorder("etchedtitled;"+{..some binding...}+";5;4;2;black;font(Dialog,12,1)")

Ok Carl, here is what I am looking for…

Titled Panel Border[ul]
[li] Text: {name} dynamic property[/li]
[li] Justification: Leading[/li]
[li] Font: Dialog 12pt, black[/li]
[li] Style: West to East[/li]
[li] Shadow Size: 3[/li]
[li] Color: ideally {color} dynamic property, otherwise 204,204,168,255[/li]
[li] Background: {backgroundColor} or (237,237,196,255)[/li][/ul]

Thanks for taking the time to help me with this. :thumb_right:


Ok, here you go. Certainly you can make the colors dynamic. You can may anything about this dynamic - its all just a string that you can construct dynamically using the expression language’s string concatenation.

toBorder("paneltitled;My Title;1;204,204,168;237,237,196;3;-;-;black;font(Dialog,1,12)")

Worked like a charm! For those who are interested, here is what I came up with…

toBorder("paneltitled;"+{Root Container.Sources.Row_E.SourceName}+";1;"+{Root Container.Sources.TitlePanelColor}+";"+{Root Container.Sources.TitlePanelBackground}+";3;-;-;black;font(Dialog,1,12)")Thanks Carl!