Binding to a container height,width

I want to size and position an object within a container depending upon the containers size.How can i bind to the height and or width of the container. If I can do this then I can copy and resize the container to place on another page and the relevant size and positions of the objects within the conatiner will be maintained

I may not be able to answer your question, but I can take a shot at it since no one else will.
If you copy a component in one window, and then “Paste immediate (ctrl I)” it will be pasted with the exact same size, and in the same position as it was in the other window. If you then right click your components (you might be able to right click the container) and select “Layout” and set that to Relative, I believe that this will make the component stretch and resize with the other components.
Let me know if that does what you were hoping.

Note: I am not an expert, and this may not work/ do what your trying to do.

Sorry, don’t get on here as much as I used to.

Take a look at this topic. IIRC, adjusting the number of "parent"s adjusts where in the display tree hierarchy. Should give you a good place to start.

You can always change the layout of the components inside the container to be Anchored. If you choose all four sides then the component will stretch it’s height and width when the container stretches.