Binding to a dropdown value returns Bad_Stale

I’m trying to bind the visible property to a comparison on a Dropdown value with the expression as such:

{../Date Range/Date Range.props.value}="custom"

This was working fine until I just updated to the latest nightly and now, no matter what I try, the express returns false with a quality of Bad_Stale

I’ve tried restarting the gateway, the VM the gateway is running on, I’ve tried installing the designer again, all to no avail.

Alright, I seem to have fixed it by completely deleting and recreating the dropdown component and in the process I gave it the name Dropdown instead of Date Range. I believe changing the name could have something to do with it, since I tried cutting and pasting the item to recreate it and that didn’t fix it.

Yeah, names with spaces are generally discouraged (in 8.0.3+, they’re explicitly disallowed, although any existing values should continue to work. This looks like an edge case that we didn’t cover in testing of the original series of fixes - will likely be fixed in 8.0.4.

Hey Paul,

Is there a documented list on reserved/invalid characters for perspective views/components? Are spaces still not allowed in 8.0.5?



It must not be blank, and must start with a letter, digit or underscore; subsequent characters may also include spaces, dashes, and parens.

^[a-zA-Z_][a-zA-Z_ ()\-0-9]*$
Is the allowed regex, so any name

  • MUST start with a letter.
  • After the first letter, you may supply any combination of letters, underscore, space, parentheses, dash, or numbers.

*“letter” in this post can mean upper OR lower-cased
*tested in 8.0.6