Binding to boolean values

Is there a way to display the words “True or False” or “Yes and No” in a chart when you bind the data to a boolean value in MySQL?

That’s a great question! It certainly wouldn’t be hard to come up with an SQL query that resolves “True or False” or “Yes or No” from a boolean value.

Charts usually don’t have text labels associated with each data point. You typically label the axes and look at individual values with the mark or x-trace tool.

I deal with digital values with the step renderer, usually on a subplot. Check out the image below.

It would be cool if the step renderer could define a true/false/default string or recognize the “typical” boolean values “Yes, true, on, running, open, etc” as 1 and their opposites 0. There may already be a way to accompish this.

Exactly how did you want these words to be displayed in the chart? If you want these words displayed on the Y-axis, the example that Nathan posted shows how you can approximate this with Axis labels.

Sorry, I need to display the text in a table, not a chart.

No problem. Use a “translation list” in the table’s customizer. Select the column that you’re interested in, then set up a translation list.