Binding to meta properties inside a template

It would be nice to have this functionality:

I have a UDT and created a template for it, I can easily bind objects to the value of the UDT tags, but I’d like to place a multi state indicator inside the template driven by the UDT.SomeTag.AlertCurrentSeverity meta property.

Can it be done somehow?

Thank you

Yeah, it definitely seems like this is something that should be made a bit easier. Right now, the member tags show up as “properties” of the UDT, we’ll have to see how hard it would be to allow you to drill deeper down into the properties of the tag.

You technically can bind it right now, but it’s a little difficult: use indirect binding, and the “tag path” meta property of the UDT parameter.

In other words, imagine I have “MyUDT” with a member “AlertTag”.

  1. Make a template, and add the UDT parameter like normal. We’ll pretend this is call “UDTParam”.
  2. Make your multi-state indicator.
  3. Bind the State using an “Indirect Binding”:
    o Indirect tag path= “{0}/AlertTag.AlertCurrentSeverity”
    o Parameter {0} binding: “New Template.UDTParam::Meta.TagPath”
  4. Use your template, and bind it to an instance.

So you see, the udt parameter knows its tag path. From there, you can extend its path into a member, and further into a property. Like I said, could be made easier, but at least this works!

Hope this helps,

Thank you very much Colby!

This work around works great.