Binding to View Custom Property

Struggling with a binding.

I have an Custom Property that is an object. The base object is bound to a OPC tag w/ Bidirectional. Tag is a UDT type. I am able to read and write all elements of the object except 1 which is an array. I am unable to write to this value from a script or by manually setting a value in the Perspective Property Editor. I can change the online value of the OPC tag from my PLC and see it change in the Property Editor, but unable to write. Is some Bidirectional control being lost after nesting 2 objects deep?

self.view.custom.robot.ocmd_command.cmd_args[ ]

maybe issue with array…as another another element in the object doesn’t seem to take on bidirectional control.

self.view.custom.robot.robot.MoveArgs[ ]

(i know…robot.robot is really original).

Hi @robert.zapalski, are you able to post some images/examples of what you are seeing?

  • robot is a custom property with tag binding
  • robot.ocmd_command.cmd_args[] is an array within the object.
  • If I try to change the value of cmd_args[0] in the Property Editor, the value remains unchanged.
  • If I try to change the value of robot.ocmd_command.cmd (similar object path to value), value changes as expected


  • PLC is not constantly writing to the PLC tag. Changing online value in the PLC is seen in the property editor.

Just found one interesting thing. Running into bad quality on my tag when trying to write, but otherwise quality is good.


After trying to change a value in my Tag Browser…prompted with this.

Created a simple array tag by directly dragging and dropping from OPC Browser into Tag Browser. Same issue.

Hi @robert.zapalski, what version of Ignition are you running? It’s a slightly different error but could it be related to this?


@robert.zapalski that’s definitely an odd one. I would suggest looking at read/write security but you have already suggested that you can read/write on other tags.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a setup I can test on right now to replicate the issue. Sorry I couldn’t help any further, hopefully someone else on here may be able to assist better.

I will try to get some more screenshots tomorrow. But what I learned today.

  • Still unable to change a value from the Tag Browser or from a Customer Property with binding. Keep getting an error.
  • If i log into the OPC server…when trying to make a write, I get an error that it is a bad or incorrect data type. Array of Single.
  • If i perform an Button Event and write with system.tag.write…everything works as expected. New values are written to the PLC.