Binding to xTrace Y-value - Time Series or Power Chart

I’ve tried to pull in the associated y-value from an xTrace value on the time series chart and power chart to bind to an indicator (i.e. simple gauge) - have not had any success yet.

Does anyone know of a way to get the y-value’s that are displayed in the infobox on either of these charts?

The TimeSeries component X-axis is (date)time as suggested by its title. The xTrace.value property should return the value of the X-axis and since this is a datetime it must return a datetime value.

What were you expecting or hoping for? Were you hoping for the Y-value? I don’t think that’s available. The charts are developed by AMCharts so you might find some documentation on their site. (I couldn’t.)

Thanks for clarifying! Yes I was hoping to get the Y-value - I’ve revised the original post.

Here is the documentation: amCharts 4 Documentation

I’m not sure what version you have, so perhaps yours is different. I am currently on 8.1.14 and when the chart is in X-Trace Mode there is an X-Trace Object added to the Interaction Property. In that object you will find a Values array which has the Y-Value for that X-Trace.


In theory you could bind to that, however, you will need to Coalesce it, because there will absolutely be times when there are no X-Traces on the chart. This is for the power chart, I don’t know about the Timeseries chart.

Thanks for the response Irose,

I took a look at the values array under X-Trace, it seems to just be a number between 0-1, based on the distance of the x-trace line from the y-axis (0 close to the y-axis, 1 farthest away).