Binding UDT params to Historical collection settings

Just curious if anyone else out there has created any UDT’s where they bind UDT parameters to historical collection settings.

Our intent was to allow history collection to be configured by setting the UDT parameters instead of having to dig into instance level config to set it. We’re witnessing some strange behavior where our UDT instances work fine, but then after an edit to the UDT, all instances will break and the parameter we’re historizing will show Uncertain_InitialValue.

We have a call open with tech support, but wanted to see if we’re unique in our design to parameterize historical collection, or if that’s common, then must be something else about our system/setup causing this issue.

We’re at 8.0.6. We’ve seen it on 8.0.7 systems as well after importing a Gateway backup, the issue moves with the Gateway backup.