Bit (and bool) Array Alarming


I've been playing with the alarming system in perspective, and have been attempting to create an alarm on a byte array (and boolean array) data type. I see that ignition automatically evaluates the alarm for each individual index of the array which is perfect for what i need, however i cant seem to be able to set the labels for each alarm.

Is there a method that allows me to set the alarm label for each individual bit? This bit array is a single tag, 32bits long. it can be read as a boolean array, bit array or integer.


Perhaps you can use expression tags and put each bit and alarm in a separate tag.

The scroll bar in the alarming section defeated me again. Scrolling down, the bit position can be identified in the alarming section and individual alarms per bit can be set up.

Edit for clarification* Importing the Tag as an integer allows the individual indexes to be alarmed. Don't import as an array of bits or bools as you'll end up evaluating 32 alarms per index of the array which for a 32 bit tag ends up with 1024 alarms!

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