Bitdefender Issues with the Client Launcher

I’ve had Bitdefender on my work laptop for a while, and had no issues. For some reason it is now removing the client launcher as malware. I’ve had IT look into it, and no matter what they do, it keeps getting tagged as malware and removed. We have submitted a ticket to Bitdefender to add to a trusted list. If we run a scan, the client launcher passes, but when I try to execute it, it is blocked then removed. Anyone else have this issue?

Yes, we have the same issue with Bitdefender, but only with Ignition 7.9.9. The ‘Advanced Threat Control’ blocks the clientlauncher.exe from this Ignition version.
Older client launchers and the new 7.9.10 launcher are working right now. We had a lot of problems with Bitdefender and other engineering tools also, but IT seems to like it.

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I’m currently on 7.9.9 right now. Looks like I will upgrade to 7.9.10 and see if that solves it. Thanks for info.

Also consider trying the Linux Client Launcher… (-:

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maybe if I knew anything about Linux. Really the only “Linux” I’ve used is what is on a RasberryPi, and that was limited. If I ever experimented with Linux, is Ubuntu the OS to use?

I generally recommend Kubuntu, the KDE flavor of Ubuntu. Mainly because I’m comfortable helping people with Ubuntu Server and anything using the KDE desktop. It verges on a religious question, though. (-:

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I’m curious and will probably download it and check it out in my spare time. Maybe it is something I could use, either way I guess it can’t hurt to test drive it since it’s open source.