Bizarre Resolution Error

Here’s the situation:

I have a copy of Ignition Gateway running on an internal office network.

I have a copy of Ignition Gateway running on an AWS EC2 instance that I can connect to.

When I launch a client or the designer from the AWS instance, the resolution is noticeably bigger. The whole screen does not show as it does if I launch the copy off of my internal network, instead everything is bigger and I get scroll bars. I checked the resolution in the designer in both copies of the application and they were the same as expect, but for some reason it keeps loading at a higher resolution. Does anyone have any idea why this could be happening? I’m at a complete loss.

Different client launcher version?

Do you have display scaling on either one of them? When I open designer on my Macbook everything is bigger even though the resolution is much larger… because MacOS scales stuff for the retina display

I’m using Windows, and I’ve tested it on two Widnows machines. On both machines, the original internal office copy of the application opens up correctly, the AWS copy opens larger with scroll bars.