BL.4543.D Cannot delete a "-" from a sqltag

Let say i have a SQLtag path analog/LT200/sometag, and I rename the folder to be analog/LT-200/…, I cannot rename it again back to analog/LT200/… This sucks when you want to change everything, then upon doing so, decide to revert back as it would take way too much coding to make such a change.

Adding and renaming tags and folders seems quite buggy.

I’ve done a bit of testing and found that the first time you rename a folder, the tags in the folder are unaffected, but the second time you rename the folder all the tags in the folder disappear. (This was using the default internal SQLTags provider.) However, if you then start and stop the service, the missing folder and tag reappear.

For example, if I start with a folder “Folder1” containing a tag and rename it to “Folder2”, the SQLTags Browser correctly shows one folder called “Folder2” containing a tag. If I then rename the folder to “Folder3”, the SQLTags Browser shows one folder called “Folder3” with no tags. If I then restart the service, the SQLTags Browser shows one folder called “Folder2” containing a tag and one folder called “Folder3” with no tags.

I also tried creating a new Database Driving Provider using an external MySQL database and pointed the project’s Default SQLTags Provider setting at this. It worked perfectly, allowing directories to be renamed multiple times. I did notice that you couldn’t just change the project’s default SQLTags provider without stopping and starting the service, otherwise things got rather confused, with the tags and folders from the new default provider being added to the tags and folders from the old default provider in the SQLTags Browser.

I also noticed that if you created a further Internal SQLTags Provider, the tags in the existing Internal Provider were copied to the new provider. If you then tried to delete a folder from the new provider, the folder with the same name was shown as being deleted from the default provider, but when the service was restarted, it had also been deleted from the default provider. The 2 providers somehow seem linked.

Hey, thanks for reporting all of these points. We’ve replicated the folder rename problem, and will look into the provider issues soon (multiple internal, changing default).

Should make it in to the next update, but I’ll keep you posted…