Black and White Printer Trends

Would it be possible to add options for black and white printers when printing trends so it can display the trend pens better on a black and white printer?

We have a lot of black and white laser printers still and when a trend is printed on them all the pens look the same. If you could choose “black and white printer” when printing (there is a monochrome selection on the Java print interface but I don’t know if that reports back to you or not) so the trend will put different shapes along the trend pens. For example, trend pen #1 would have small squares along it and it will reflect that in the legend as well, pen #2 would have small triangles along the pen path, pen #3 would have small circles, etc…

I’ve seen this done in other SCADA systems, maybe it’s not as big of a deal now since color printers are getting cheaper but some places are still cheap. haha.

EDIT: Also, would it be possible to add Min/Max values to the calculated pens section of the easy chart? Just to display horizontal lines at the minimum and maximum values on the trend display.