Blank Emailed Report

I am working with an existing report. I configured an Email action and report gets emailed fine with all the data on it. I tried doing two Run Script actions and the reports gets emailed but with no data. They appear just like in the Preview (image attached). Attached are the codes I have for the two Run Script actions. Is there anything I am missing?

Also, is that how the preview is supposed to show up or could there be something wrong with the
report design? I am not sure how it is supposed to look. The only report I have done from scratch was when I did the Ignition Core Test and that was almost 2 years ago.

Your indentation in handleFinishedReport is wrong. Have you been getting errors in your logs or console?


Sorry, can you explain more the handleFinishedReport issue. No I don't have any errors in the logs.

I feel like there is something weird with the table because all the data in the table is not showing up.