Blank Ignition Gateway Backup

Hi all,

Didn’t lurk; posting blind –

Just curious… is there a blank ignition gateway backup available for download directly from Inductive Automation?

The reason is, (and maybe I’m doing it wrong… but) it seems to me that whenever I start work for a new client, I have to clear out all the source and security stuff from my old clients first, which can be time consuming. I neglected to make a blank gateway backup when I installed ignition, and I don’t want to reinstall just to blank out my gateway.

Any directions?


Spin up a new VM for each new client? :wink:

If you’re really done and don’t need the current data any more you can stop ignition, delete the contents of the data/db folder, then start it again.

Good advice, both. Thanks :smiley:

What works best for me is:

  1. stopping the ignition gateway service using the GCU
  2. Close the GCU
  3. Rename the ignition installation directory from
    C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition
    C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition_Client_A_7.9.2
  4. Install Ignition and it will create you a clean gateway under the default directory.
  5. simply repeat the process in reverse and rename whichever gateway instance you want back to Ignition and restart the gateway to restore, much easier.