Blank main desktop after project update

Hi all,

On our operator station we have two 4k monitors. When launching a new client it opens on the main monitor. In our client we have a button to open an additional desktop on the second monitor.

When we save some new changes to our project in the designer, the project update notification line appears on the main monitor. The operator updates the client and the second monitor gets refreshed with the latest changes as expected. But once in a while the main monitor is left totally blank after clicking the update notification.
So they need to restart the client to get it back to normal :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Anyone knows what the ‘bug’ might be, causing the blank main desktop? :thinking:

Ignition v. 8.1.7.

Seems like this issue was related to client max memory.

The client was using approx. 240M-300M of memory (dependent on how many popups are open etc.).
Noticed that the client was given max 256M of memory, although the shortcut used to launch the project was configured to use the project default memory settings. The default project settings was set to init memory 128M and max memory 1024M.

Deleted the shortcut, manually entered client init and max memory in the vision client launcher for that project, and created a new shortcut.
Have not had a problem since.