Blank margins in Designer after installing Sepasoft modules


After installing Document Management and Production modules, my Designer is shrinking all my Perspective views, and adding blank margins on each side.

I’ve installed the newer versions and I have Ignition 8.1.17. It was fine before the installation and works if I uninstall these modules.

Please see picture below.

Does anyone know if there is an option / setting to disable these margins?


Anyone with same issue or only me with this BUG?

What does Sepasoft support say?

I haven’t tried them yet. We have the issue with some projects, not all.
I’ll contact them and will come back here to update the post.

Sepasoft said it’s a bug and they are working on this issue.

This has been solved with new Sepasoft module MES 3.81.5 SP5.

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