Blank screen on client startup

I have an application with two windows that are configured to open on startup. This has worked fine for many weeks during project development but suddenly sometimes when launching clients the windows do not open on startup. The client launches to the logon screen, and upon entering the username/password then goes to a completely blank gray screen. No open windows, no window menubar, etc. The only thing I can do is close the client with the “x” in the upper right corner. This happens intermittently whether launched from the gateway home page or from shortcuts on the desktop, on both regular and mobile clients. This does not happen when the client is launched from the designer. Any ideas?

The only idea I have is the Ignition cache directory is corrupted. You can try removing the .ignition folder in c:\users\username folder. You can also try removing the Java cache as well.


Travis, you are a genius. Removing the ignition folder from the Users/Username folder worked. I have been dealing with this issue forever, thank you!