Blending Data in Ignition


I have a vision window that displays a table with several data points spanning a time range where the data points are coming from different tables in a database. Not all the data required for the screen can be joined simply from a query, so there are several different queries use to fetch all the different kpi’s.

As more kpi’s are added, the screens performance has taken a hit due to the number of queries and the work being done to combine the final results together. I feel as though the queries are as optimal as they are going to get and we’ve moved away from using expression binding on the data property of the table as to not cause the table to reload on user selection changes.

I was curious if anyone else has run into a similar use case and found efficient ways to blend data together or utilize some sort of caching of the results when the data sources vary.


First and foremost, welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

  • Are the tables indexed on your timestamp? That may help a bit if they’re not.
  • Any chance we can see the script you’re using? We may be able to optimize there.