Block groups storing tagpath question?

I was just looking over the block group functionality. Is it possible to store the tagpath alongside or in place of the rowid? Seems like it would make it easier for querying if you could reference the tagpath instead of having to know the rowid for a particular tag. But I guess you could always create a separate table that holds the correlation between tagpath and rowid for your block item.

In theory you should be able to copy/paste the block item, change the data type to String, and change the value mode from “value” to “name” (and change the target column). Unfortunately, doing a quick test, it looks like that description is accurate, and it’s only the “name” of the tag, not the full tag path. It’s been so long since I’ve looked at that that I couldn’t tell you why it’s not the full path, I’m sure it’s probably something that’s gone back and forth.

However, if the items in the group are directly from OPC and not tags, it does store the full opc path. So perhaps that could be useful to you.