Block item pattern issue

take a look at the starting number on the pattern. what I actually typed is 8091003, but it seems to be adding commas and once it adds a comma messes up the typing.

also, lets say I have devices 8091003, 8091008, 8091012. If I try and do a pattern starting on 8091003 with a length of 3 it adds 8091003, 8091004, and 8091005. Shouldnt it maybe check and make sure that those actually exist before adding them? That may not be an actual problem, but more of a feature request.

The comma are indeed an annoying formatting side-effect, but I don’t think it will actually affect how the pattern works.

As for your second point- the pattern is simply generating addresses (right now in sequence)- which then get subscribed later. If the points don’t exist, they’ll have bad quality. The point is though, that you’re generating address strings, not looking for existing tag. With a situation like yours, it’s probably better to just use the List mode and specify them explicitly.

At any rate, there’s probably room for a feature improvment or two in there somewhere.


no it actually does. like I posted, I typed 8091003 and it instead shows 8090031. the tag list is then created using 8090031 if I hit ok.

yeah, thats what I am going to have to do. It would be nice if it could verify that the tag is valid before creating it, especially if you have tens of thousands of these to create. thats where the feature request comes in. It would be nice if everything was sequential, but it isnt always that way. just a thought!

Oh, eh… it looks like the formatting is screwing up the text input. After you hit the “1”, the carret is no longer at the end for some reason. As you proceed to type, you’re typing in the wrong spot.

My point was that if you get the correct number in there, the commas won’t screw up the addressing. I didn’t expect it to mess up the input.

I’ve already committed a fix for 7.2.6 that removes the formatting.