Block Transaction Group - Clearing Latched Values

I am experimenting with Block Groups and am trying to use Ignition to filter records from a table by passing WHERE conditions from the PLC. The selected values are then mapped back to the PLC.
It seems to basically work except once a value is set in the Latched Value field, I cannot clear. it.

For instance, if I trigger the group and the WHERE clause returns 6 values, the Latched and Source Values are correct. But if I then change the conditions so that only 1 value is returned and retrigger, the result is placed in position 0 but the other 5 values are retained from the previous query.

I can clear the Source Values by writing them in the PLC before triggering the group but the latched values just come back.

I found the section in the help about “Setting NULL DB Values to Default”, but whichever options I check, the group behaves the same.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

It’s a bug that I reported back in version 8.0.5, definitely an issue if the values are getting written to a PLC for any real control purposes.