BM.4359.G Gateway Backup/Restore not working properly

I did a backup of my gateway on my linux server, and went to restore it on my windows server so I could convert a FSQL project, but when I restored, the context restart, but none of the data from the backup was restored.

I’d check the log files - perhaps something went wrong and it automatically rolled back to the last autobackup.

I checked, it said the following:
Error during restore. Cannot backup from a future version 7.0.0-beta1 (b4359).

However both gateways are b4359.

You sure? That is a beta version… sure one of them isn’t the released non-beta version?

wtf. I downloaded it last night from the new IA page. I will download 4384 now

Yeah, we released it at like 3am PST …

Ahhh I jumped the gun and downloaded at 1 AM.