BNI008M I/O Link Master direct to Ignition (no PLC)

Hey Guys,
slightly new here,
Is it possible to link the Balluff I/O Link Master Directly to ignition, I will not be using a PLC just I/O Link sensors and would like to use Balluff, I know there are other Masters out there that can use HTTP: Post commands or MQTT,

I guess my real Question Is can I do any of these methods with Balluff??

I don’t see any mention of HTTP or MQTT in the manual for this device.

Ignition does not have a driver for this, but again this might be something @pturmel’s EtherNet/IP module can get data from, since this appears to be an EtherNet/IP enabled model.

Another customer was successful with the similar BNI004A (4 master ports, 4 dumb ports) and the family seems to use a similar setup across the board. I’d be shocked if it didn’t work with my module.