Boolean Arrays

Arrays of Boolean values not addressable or browseable beyond the [0] index using the Allen Bradley Logix driver with ControlLogix v24 firmware.

Ignition 7.7.4
Logix Driver 1.7.4

Try appending the index into the array you’re after as if you were asking for a bit. So, for example:

You have a bool[] tag called MyBoolArray. It will show up as a folder with MyBoolArray[0] under it. For every additional 32 booleans, you’ll see another, so MyBoolArray[0], MyBoolArray[1], etc… What gets exposed in the address space is the DWord value that backs the boolean array.

You should be able to get to the indices you’re after by creating an OPC tag in the designer and then modifying the OPC item path to look like this:

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