Boolean tag in perspective not updating via toggle switch

Using a National Instruments cRIO which is running an OPC Server. Just getting started with this project and have only 7 tags on the server at the moment. Can add an OPC Client in the gateway and then the Quick Client works perfectly. The tags are discoverable in the Designer Project. I drop two toggle switches down to try to control two boolean tags. I link their “selected” fields to the “value” property of their respective tags and change their text labels. Otherwise they have default configurations. Only one of them works. When I change its value via a session, I see the update in the designer and on the hardware. The other one will toggle in the perspective session, but does not update the designer window or the hardware. On the server side, the two tags are configured exactly the same.

I’m fairly new to ignition and not sure how to troubleshoot this problem. Please advise.

Are both bindings ‘bidirectional’? By default, the binding will update when the source changes, but will not do the reverse - update the source when the value is changed directly.

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Only the working one had the bidirectional box checked. That was exactly the problem.