Boolean values for perspective items

Some items allow a 1 or 0, and some must be ‘true’ or ‘false’. Would it be possible to have them all one way or the other?


on the Flex repeater:
elementPosition : uses “0” or “1”
useDefaultViewWidth uses “true or flase” will only accept “true” or “false”
grow and shrink use “0” or “1” will only accept numbers

elementPosition.grow and elementPosition.shrink define the proportional growth and shrink of each instanced View based on the number of instanced Views, and accepts values between (and including) 0 and 1. This is NOT a boolean representation, it’s a numeric proportion, so no, we won’t be changing it from a numeric value.

useDefaultViewWidth accepts true or false, because it is a boolean value.

If you see a property on a component and it has a number value, it’s because the value is numeric. I can think of no property where we represent a boolean value with a numeric equivalent.