Bools In Vision Table

I have a table on a high-resolution screen with native scaling. One of my columns is boolean, and linked to a SQL query that I would like to still be able to update. No matter what I try with any of the Translations, I can’t seem to get the boolean values to display as anything other than the checkbox, which doesn’t scale with row height and is incredibly small on the high-res client. Is there a way to get the boolean values to display as anything else in the table?

If it’s a power table, you can implement your own renderer using the configureRenderer extension function, but it requires some knowledge of scripting, unless you just want to display an image or something instead.

And if it’s not?

Then you should make it one :slightly_smiling_face:
The regular table is more simple (and therefore, less customizable) by design. You can probably use the image rendering mode, but anything more custom than that you’re better off using the power table.

I understand that.
But the option to use Translation List in the ‘regular’ table is there for booleans also, even if it doesn’t work… that’s confusing.:-1:
But the ‘problem’ isn’t that the Translation list is not working for booleans…
The problem is that scaling doesn’t work.

Displaying an image would be fine as well. Is that easier to implement?

So I ended up just changing my data in the trouble column from bool to an int, which finally allowed me to do any translation my heart desired. Feels like this is a bug - especially with the “boolean” checkbox unchecked in the column properties…

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