Border Properties

So I often use the same set of titled properties like the Justification, Font size, style, shadow size, and color i typically have to change. is it possible to somehow or somewhere to set this to default to these values? or to store the last used?

Hi there,

You could make your border binding an expression using the toBorder expression function. Examples are given in the manual here: … border.htm

Then you can copy the expression and paste it for each component you want to have the expression.
This is a faster method than manually configuring each component border by hand.

Another way of doing it is with the Style Customizer. On a component configure a style (right click on component and choose Style Customizer). Then choose Visible as the driving property and choose Border as the styled property. Then configure the border as a style property. Near the Cancel button on the style window is a copy button, press that.

Then select all the components on a window that you want to have the same border. Open the Style Customizer for all of them at the same time and then press the paste button on the Style window.

Since the Style Customizer allows mass copy and paste of styles, this enables you to configure a border as a style and apply that border to multiple components at the same time.

Nick Mudge