Boundaries of Maker edition license

Personal use only, no commercial or revenue generating or sales demos purposes, for the most part seems pretty straightforward just want to make sure I’m not walking myself into trouble.

So I make a personal project (that’s fine), I share info and screenshots and things on social media (still fine right?), I share those same posts on LinkedIn does that cross the commercial/sales demo boundary since it’s more professional/industry focused?

If I share access to the hobby project itself online for friends and other people to play around with is that okay as long as I’m strictly not generating any revenue or any sales/work leads off it?

That's probably key. But also not generating any support calls to IA as a side effect of your efforts.

IANAL, yada, yada.

Makes sense, and on one hand it feels obvious but I still wanted to try and be certain you know.

I didn’t want to wind up in a situation where I’m losing my Maker privileges because I was unintentionally :airquotes: “advertising a product demo” or something by going “hey check out this neat thing I’m making” on Twitter.

Consider posting all of your neat ideas and creations only here in the Maker category. (If something is squirrely, this forum will certainly let you know.)

Then link to this forum in your social media, with screenshot and blurb. (:


eh, if you share it on a personal page on a personal platform I dont see a problem.

But LinkedIn's sole purpose is 'commercial' in my opinion. And that is where it would get very blurry me. As in my be indirect commercial benefit.

but i am not a lawyer nor rep for ignition so take it ith a grain of salt.