Brainchild VR18

Hi guys,

Im new to ignition, at the moment we’re testing it in order to start adding a lot of measuring points on our plant.

While i was testing it, i connected it to our tank monitoring plc, a brainchild VR18, but i cant figure out how to setup the addresses for the tags?

I’ve tried following the guide here:
And i’ve tried finding the tag names here:

Any tips, or should i stop wasting time on old equipment?

Thanks in advance

Hi Martin. Welcome to the forums!

Never used one, but I did find the MODBUS comms manual for your unit:

Hope this helps!

That was fast, do you know how long I tried to find that?!

I still can’t make it work, but I had planned to change the Plc anyway.
I guess it’s a matter of how many measuring points and the desired functionality, but is there a certain brand of PLC’s that’d work better with ignition?

From my struggles so far I figure it’d be best to choose one with browsing ability…?



Sir, I’m trying to connect vr18 recorder to Siemens s1200. What is the procedure? Protocol to be used. How to manipulate the read and write off values. Plz send me a stretch to

Honestly, I have no idea. I have not used either unit you mentioned.