Branding machine send to the error data receive ignition

Generic Printer Interface
Version 2.0.7
(valid as of alphaJET setup

I have connected Ignition with the above printer along with TCP driver communications. Now i need to receive the data from Printer to Ignition,I'm stuck at this point.

If any of you have any idea or have done this before,kindly share the informations will be a great help.

What do you mean? What data would a generic printing interface supply?

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I am using a OPC UA server with this printer device which has very limited tags.

only this much data is available, is there anyway to have more data from the device.

You have to study the protocol of the device and use the given information to implement the protocol. It is a very simplistic driver, and cannot do everything that some protocols require. If that is the case, you would need to either write your own driver as an add-on module with the SDK, or write jython code to open your own sockets to communicate with this device.

Thankyou @pturmel , i will check